Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Evening Washington Square……The Village NYC……10-29-2009

Beautiful evening in the village the park was alive after all the rain.

w big wht scrf tll brwn boots small

                               The look is really just Big.  The big scarf, big sweater, and the boots but it works.  It wasn’t hard for her she was very petite.


m in grey small

                                                                    Like the monochrome gray on grey on grey.  The shoes made it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crossing Greene St. Bicycle Chic……SOHO NYC……A Few Days Ago

Back before Fall monsoon season started we saw this woman pedaling thru SOHO.

blk bike basket boots plaid small

                               Every thing works the boots the bag.  The bike with woven basket.  Perfect bicycle chic.  Really a whole fashion niche in itself.

Neither Rain nor Snow, St. Marks and 1st……East Village NYC……10-28-2009

Still raining but nothing keeps the bicycle food delivery men from their rounds,  Heat, cold, hail, snow or a shower of flaming meteorites, nothing stops these guys from delivering food to us as we huddle safely in our apartments.  All of us New Yorkers have to admit we don’t know what we would do without them.


delivery 1 delivery 2

                                                                   This is high fashion for this crowd.  I especially like the head piece.  Genius.

14th St Station……Manhattan NYC……10-28-2009

Still raining.  Everyone was hiding under umbrellas.  The only dry place you could see anyone was the train station

14th st blnd

14th st gry shoes

It started pouring……Cooper Union NYC……10-27-2009

The other night it started pouring but it never stops people in NYC.  Although they do usually leave the good stuff in the closet.

umbrella pld jckt small

Raining on St. Marks……East Village NYC……10-27-2009

The rain slowed for awhile and these women managed to keep their looks intact for the moment.

w tan ct lprd shirt small

w metalic quilt coat.jpg small

Between the Rain Drops Astor Place……Manhattan NYC……10-27-2009

Everyone is dashing around trying in vain to stay dry. 


w gry chck brd shoe small

Monday, October 26, 2009

VV Brown on Greene Street……SOHO NYC……10-26-2009

Turned the corner onto Greene St and crashed right into VV Brown and her crew.  They had just finished something and we overheard that someone had to get to LA.  The black cars were waiting.

1 IMG_0002

2 IMG_0003 

3 IMG_0001

4 IMG_0006

5 IMG_0005

6 IMG_0004

                                   We can guaranty one thing.  With this crowd you can be sure that the LV bag he’s carrying is not a Canal St knock off


On Broadway…… Manhattan NYC……10-25-2009

Lower Broadway on Sundays is packed with shoppers browsing the stores and going back and forth to Soho shops.

ow brwn skrt couture 2

The pairing of the couture type skirt with the otherwise NY casual black works wonderfully.   A casual attitude that says to us she loves fashion but doesn’t have to take it to seriously.  Great dress up-down.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Personal Style……Manhattan NYC……10-22-2009

You’ll notice that most of the people in our photos seem to have their own look.  A way working with all the elements of style to put a look together, for who they are.  They stand out.  A personal style is something to develop.  Following the fashion rags recommendations and trends will keep you looking good but you’ll just be another face in the crowd.  Another lemming running for the cliffs or in this case the cash register.  Take some time.  Find your look, one that works for you and wear it like you “own it.”


Fashion Lemmings.  These young women don’t look bad they just all look the same.  From the bags it probably wouldn’t hurt if at least one of them shopped at a different store.


Below are a few examples of New Yorkers who work there own personal style.


                 Black is everywhere but with the black on black print dress underneath plus the big scarf, biker boots and attitude she make it her own



        The hounds tooth trench is perfect with the riding style boots.  Then add the pop of the colored scarf and gloves setting off the red glasses.  Love it.



The tan coat and culotte skirt would be pretty conservative.  The burgundy hair, flat military type tall boots plus of course the one striped fingerless long glove move this look much more to the edge.  There is a contrast that is hard to ignore.



We’ve seen the trench and many more men are going with the big scare.  But adding the hat really makes you take notice.  The jury is still out on the shoes although they do get some attention.


And our personal style favorite Kate Lanphear.  She definitely “OWN’S IT”

IMG_0041 kate IMG_0048 Kate

Having been away from fashion for a very long time we have to admit that when these photos of Kate Lanphear were taken at the tents we had no idea who she was.  Just saw this amazing woman who had this great look and had to get her picture,  This look is pure Kate but very understated for her.  Google search her or see the link below for more pics of her.  She is amazing

See more pics of Kate here    

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Out and about various locations……Manhattan NYC……10-21-2009


            The Wall St area, usually rather conservative but found a few of interest.


1 IMG_0008-rt


2 IMG_0011


3 IMG_0004


                                              The area around Union Square is always happening.  One of our favorites.

4 IMG_0009


5 IMG_0006


6 IMG_0010


7 IMG_0001


                                                         Back home in the East Village.  There is always something of interest here.

9 IMG_0003


12 IMG_0005


10 IMG_0007


11 IMG_0012


8 IMG_0002


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From 23rd up through the Garment District and back……Manhattan NYC……10-19-2009

Had a meeting in the flower district so started over from 23rd and 5th.  Afterwards began wandering around up to the Garment District then down thru Madison Square Park and Union Square, back to the East Village.

                                                      1 IMG_0010

                                              Get some knee high or thigh high boots if you can still find a pair.  They are on every block


2 IMG_0004

                                                                        The tights put this look over the top but it really works.


3 IMG_0008

                                                        This pink jacket just jumped out of the crowd.  Seeing a lot of textured fabrics


4 IMG_0003

                                This look is very popular with the hipster set but what grabbed us was the shoes.  Appreciated the added retro touch.


5 IMG_0009

                                                         Big fan of big stripes.  The look definitely says MOD but very contemporary too


6 IMG_0002

                                                              Stripes again.  Black with grey in prints and patterns is everywhere


8 IMG_0006

                                                       Seeing bold colors this fall.  Nice take on the popular double breasted jacket.


9 IMG_0005

                                                                 The bag is great.  To bad the rest of her look is rather average.


10 IMG_0001

                                                           Back in the East Village, black and grey again this time as animal print.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

A few great looks……Manhattan NYC……10-17-2009

Here are a few great looks we’ve seen on the streets over the last few days.


                                                                             yw blk turban s

                                                                              This young woman is smashing. Old with new, haute with punk.  Love it


                                                                             m brown

                                                                             Very unique.  Interesting take on the above the ankle hemmed pant look,


                                                                            w blk mil style jacket

                                               These are definitely 2 trend items we are seeing everywhere. The military look double breasted coat and the quilted bag. 


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