Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Misfit Dior in Union Square……Manhattan NYC

With Willionaire.

Misfit Dior 1

Misfit Dior Boots

Misfit Dior and  Willionair 2

Misfit Dior and Willionair 1

Misfit Dior and Willionair

Ran across Misfit Dior with her friend Willionaire in Union Square a while back.  They were
being questions and photographed by some Japanese street fashion mag people
When they finally got away we were able to grab a few shots.
Misfit is FAB.  A rapper with great sense of style.  Love those little half gloves.
She has a single out now titled Mr. Plastic. Check her out at
www.myspace.com/misfitdior   or   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Misfit-Dior/61010523151

She’s wearing Michael Kors fox fur jacket, Michael Kors sweater, Michael Kors jeans,
Stella McCartney boots, Marc Jacobs shades, Tuleste necklace and Henri Bendal purse!
and her name IS Misfit Dior !

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Broadway SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Something caught their eye

w 2 black biker leathers minis scarfs

Interesting contrast between the jackets and patterned scarves. 
Cool leopard lining at the cuff of the jacket on the right.

On The Streets in SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Rushing with long strides

w black leather jacket metallic bag splatter print top leggings

Love the splatter paint style print on the top

On First Ave between St Marks and 9th East Village……Manhattan NYC

We’ve been forgetting the men

man high hem pants gray pin strip jacket vest

We see some of the raised hem dress pants but not very many men are embracing this trend.
It works on him.