Thursday, September 29, 2011

At The Steps Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week September 2011 Lincoln Center …… Manhattan NYC

Twilight On The Plaza

 w red pants denim jacket navy with white polka dot top  ol 

w all black see thru long lace print skirt  ol  

m green glitter prada shirt shorts beat up boots  ol  
Luxe glitter green Prada shirt

 w  up platinum hair black top multi slit green black print long skirt  ol 

m print shorts grey blazer hat  ol  

w black mini skirt grey top high heel ankle boots  ol  

m glitter pinstrip suit glitter purple top large flower platform heels  ol
Love The Shoes

We have many more great shots of the fabulous fashionistas of Fashion Week.
Keep coming back for more lush looks.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kate Lanphear at MB Fashion Week September 2011 Lincoln Center ……. Manhattan NYC

In Black … Of Course

Kate all black of course 1 

Kate Lanphear, the tres chic senior style editor at Elle US
and fellow noiriste has FAB personal style. She is as always one of our absolute faves

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashions Night Out September 2011 SOHO …… Manhattan NYC

More FAB Fashion Night Fashionistas

street vie w black and grey dress feathered bottom short black jacket ol

m white jacket salmon pants white and gold high tops aqua hair ol

w mini dress thigh high stockings see thru over shirt ol 

street view silver glitter platform heels

w see thru white top purple bra bow tie black jeans ol

m tattered black jeans platform shoes ol 

c w striped long sleeved mini dress high heel sandals m YSL tee grey jacket jeans ol

w bicycle red platform sandals white pants green see thru top ol

As we said before huge hoards of the fashion unconscious over ran
Fashions Night Out.  So we really appreciate those who made an effort
and made it worth it for us and our followers

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Up Against The Wall at MB Fashion Week September 2011 Lincoln Center …… Manhattan NYC

The Firing Squad

Firing Squad 

This crowd is a bit larger than normal but we are always amazed at the crowd of bloggers/photographers
the fashionistas attract when someone stops them for another ankle crossing pose.
Thousand of frames at high burst rate of pictures that will all look exactly the same
No wonder you can’t tell one from the other.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week September 2011 Lincoln Center …… Manhattan NYC

Fabulous Foot Wear on The Steps

w black print dress black and silver heels ol

Fashion Week brings out all the best shoes
Just adore these magnificent glittery silver and black peek-a-boo toe ankle boots

More Fashions Night Out 2011 …… Manhattan NYC

From Classic to Crazy

w red bag black heels print dress  ol

w black coat beige mini dress black platform heels  ol

w  black vinyl mini dress fishnets black point bangs

model 2 fur scarf grey tee gray jeans model backround 

model 3 black leather jacket thigh highs ol v2

m2 bright print jacket and shorts bright print flak jacket  ol

model fur scarf grey tee gray jeans high heel ankle boots  ol

w white dress black leather jacket red clutch bag  ol

mw black dress huge pearl string hat ol 

Huge crowds of fashion unconscious les miserables, made it difficult to find the heroes.
We did our best to sort out the real friends of fashion and hear are a few.
We have at least one more post of those who braved the crowds to make their fashion statement.
So check back soon.  You may have made the cut.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week September 2011 Lincoln Center …… Manhattan NYC

It Begins Again

MB Fashion Week entrance ol

w beige sleevles tails cut dress LV bag v2 ol

m 2 feed models tee shirt combat boot military jacket  pointed  grey boots both black jeans ol

w black dress white over skirt red shoes and waist-neck belting purple head piece  ol

w black white print short skirt gold top pale pink hair  P3 big sunglasses  ol

w model in jean shorts od tank top sandals s   ol 

The Monolith is gone they have redesigned the entrance for 2011.
It’s really to bad we LOVED the Monolith it was so omnipresent.  With its stone like facade it really
appeared to have a historic/religious presence.  Always reminded us of the scene in the original
Time Machine when the Morlocks sound the horns and all the Eloi just get up and
march into the gates not knowing why or what awaits them. 
Although well done the new front appears more like Bauhaus auto show room, 
We expect to see spinning Mercs. inside. 

No matter it still attracts the fabulous Fashionistas/Fashionistos here are just a few
Much more coming soon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashions Night Out 2011 SOHO …… Manhattan NYC

From Mild to Wild

w all black short hair yellow wrist band ol

w purple dress leopard hat ol

marching group ol

w all black hat thigh highs jacket print lapels ol

w red pants black boots shear top black and white turban ol

w all black leather pants and jeans ol

w grey skirt red print top black boots ol

The Third Fashions Night Out in SOHO was packed beyond belief
We were still able to find some Fashionable Fashionistas in the Madding Crowd.
We have much more to post later but now, off to the tents.