Monday, November 30, 2009

On Broadway near Houston NOHO……Manhattan NYC

Passing the Adidas Store

w long mil coat

                             Just love the long military trench and the asymmetric hair.  The hoodie adds contrast and has some unexpected details of its own

On Bowery East Village……Manhattan NYC

More Monochrome

w blk red hair 2 tone wtips

                                                                                    The 2 tone wings tips give this a totally different feel

On Broadway SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Solo shopping

w gry shirt bloomie brwn bags
                                                        Nice easy look for solo shopping.  Seeing these ballet slipper flats in various forms everywhere

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Houston and Broadway SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Waiting for the light.  Two VERY different looks.

w pink platforms and dress-fruit 
As Cyndi Lauper said “Girls just want to have fun” and she is.  I just love this, as the Japanese call it “Fruit” look with the bright colors.  She really has is down.  Even to the accessories and rings she’s perfect.  It’s nice to see a young woman having fun once and awhile with her look rather than always having to be in the “right cloths”.  There is plenty of time for that girls.  One thing that has me very curious though is the key hanging from the zipper of her left boot.


A slightly more reserved look

w blk w-aldo bags
Classic New York monochrome casual.  It’s hard to see but she has a super cropped jacket on over the long sweater.  And it appears someone's been shopping at ALDO

On Mott St NOLITA……Manhattan NYC

Just looking

cpl blk nolita

                                                                                     Hip black on black couple.  Love his glasses

Near Houston and Lafayette NOHO……Manhattan NYC

Back when it was warmer.  Heading back with take out

w casual carryout subway

                                                                         Sexy casual look with no leggings to hind those great toned legs

On Broadway at Prince……Manhattan NYC

Making the rounds

w gry swtr

                                                                                                     Nice, simple, casual style

Friday, November 27, 2009

Union Square Markets……Manhattan NYC

Just Browsing at the Holiday Market

w blk lthr ylw bag
w blk lthr ylw bag 2
w blk lthr ylw bag 3

                                                   A good knock around look for that gray misty day with the leather and tights.  Absolutely love the hair

Union Square Markets……Manhattan NYC

Back on that gray misty day

pretty group
pretty group 2
pretty group 3

                                                                                      Love the print trench and the grey distressed boots

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Whole Foods on Houston……Manhattan NYC

Fashions for last minute shopping.  Eat my pretties, today food is in fashion.

leopard coat

w cart

w sil jkt counter

candy 1
candy 2

                                                                               Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die…t

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Union Square Markets……Manhattan NYC

Gray misty day at the Farmers and Holiday markets


Covering up

w eyes scarf
What great eyes.  The texture of the coat and the dress print work well together

Great look

m strp pants t rackets 
Just love this.  The stripped pants the colorful piping on the jacket and that shirt.  What fun.

Editorial view…A classic look

m lthr jckt blr
The leather with scarf and faded jeans has always worked

Passing through

w gry scrf big collar coat
The coats texture is a nice contrast against the legs.

Very well done

m tec scarf blk vel jckt
This is perfect.  The hair, the great texture of the scarf against the black velvet jacket contrasting with the pants.  Even that bag he’s carrying works 

Two girlfriends moving through the crowd

w 2 coat with piping hat

Showing some restraint with the scarf so it didn’t detract from the piping details on the coat was a good choice.  With the hat makes for a great walk in the square look.  

On 18th St near Broadway……Manhattan NYC

Fun little look

w blk lthr mstd mskrt rt scrv

                                            Fun look with the graphic tee under the leather and the colors of the skirt and scarf  breaking things up.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Prince St near Michael Kors……SOHO NYC

Adding some sparkle

w slvr sq dress gry knee bts

                                                                                                               Fun silver dress

Taking a Break SOHO….. Manhattan NYC

Coffee time

w pdot dress sitting

                                  The polka dot dress under the short leather and the ankle boots make for a very cute up-casual look for her.  Love the hair.

Back a few weeks when it was warmer SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Casual elegance

w yllw dress big ncklc

                  Beautifully simple dress and that great large necklace balanced with the big bracelets and understated grey shoes really work.  She looks fantastic


Crossing Greene

w blk dress red glasses

Another simple elegantly casual look with the plain necklace mirroring the neckline of the dress.  Just for fun I like that the red glasses and black dress match the light pole with the red fire box.

Monday, November 23, 2009

On Spring St. near Varda Shoes SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Window shopping

 w blk hat
Very nice short trench with caped shoulders. 

w blk bkl boots blk slvr bag

                                                     Like the boots and the bag.  Plus just love the way legs look when photographed in black hose.

West Broadway near Broome SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Tastefully Tattered

 w rip hose w jckt

w 2 rip jean and hose head bands

Sunday, November 22, 2009

In SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Connect the dots. 

w pdot top 
                                                                                                   Seeing polka dots everywhere

In the Rambles Central Park……Manhattan NYC

It was a beautiful fall day.  Perfect for a Sunday walk in the park

m brwn lthr jkt lv clutch

                                                                     Very colorful and still very Fall.  The LV bag always a nice accessory

8th and Broadway Greenwich Village……Manhattan NYC

Sidewalk vintage

sidewalk vintage

                                               One of the weekend vendors that just stops and sets up shop on the sidewalk.  Love the fur trimmed coat

On St Marks East Village……Manhattan NYC

Classy Cool Casual

m grey pants w-lthr cap

                                                                                                            He wears it well

On Prince near Mercer SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Solo shopping day

w white top bloomies bag bl

                                                                                 The white top appears to be a loose long jacket

West on Prince St. SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Very unexpected

m purple pants

                First all I saw was the hat and jacket as he turned the corner.  Then all of a sudden the purple pinstriped pants and flowered shirt jumped out at me

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Serayna……Flying for Fix Tompkins Square Park East Village……Manhattan NYC

Came across Serayna flying from a tree in Tompkins Square Park to promote the indie film FIX .  The director Tao Ruspoli was there and gave an interview after the flight.  A perfect Manhattan moment.

serayna flying 2 bl ol

serayna flying 3 bl ol

serayna flying 1 bl ol
I think her style is perfect for flying

serayna making the pitch 
Then she landed and gave a pitch for the film
serayna arm out
Introduced the director of FIX …Tao Ruspoli
serayna and tau
tau ruspoli interview
tau ruspoli
Tao Ruspoli director of the indie film FIX
fix card
Check it out.  Playing now in the East Village

serayna coming down ol 
After she climbed back up to take down her gear and walked away
serayna leaving

serayna hair 
Absolutely amazing hair



                                              Serayna if we’ve misspelled your name hit us back at  and we’ll fix it immediately