Friday, February 28, 2014

Linda Fargo…New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014…TriBeCa…Manhattan NYC

After The DVF Show.

FW 2014-2 -24 w linda fargo 2-2014 fur hat and scarf burnt orange coat black pants after DVF ol

Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President of Fashion Office and Store Presentation at
the legendary Bergdorf Goodman.  She is also an absolute joy, incredibly personable
and always impeccably dressed.

Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller…New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014…TiBeCa…Manhattan NYC

Arriving At DVF Show. 

FW 2014-2 -26 Leandra Medine Man Repeller black sweater with fur sleeves jeans platforms ol

Sorry, actually not repelled in the slightest.  Leandra Medine writer and founder/editor of the hugely popular The Man Repeller blog
arriving at Spring Studios on Varick St for the DVF 40th Anniversary Show.  Looking rather lush and quite attractive in this eclectic layered look
Love the black sweater with the fur detail on the sleeves.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Olivia Palermo….Outside DVF….New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014….TriBeCa….Manhattan NYC

Arriving At Spring Studios

FW 2014-2 -21 olivia palermo fur collared blue coat brown leather sleeves blue snake print pants black shoes with studs ol db 
Olivia Palermo looking lush as usual in long blue coat with brown leather sleeves and lux fur collar over
blue print pants with brown and black print top.  Studded black shoes finish it off nicely.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frigid....New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014....Lincoln Center....Manhattan NYC

Colored Furs

FW 2014-2 -07 w blue pattern fur skinny leather pants pump heal with asymmetric ankle strap 0l

February Fashion Week always brings a lot of fur from storage,  But with frigid temps that were never above freezing for the entire week
fur was an absolute necessity.  This lush blue dyed fur is just one of the many colored furs that are trending this winter


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arriving At The SKINGRAFT Show….New York Fashion Week Feb.2014….Lincoln Center….Manhattan NYC

They Only Come Out At Night

FW 2014-2 -05 entering skingraft group  black on black leatherred faux fur coat

We were hoping there would be some interesting attendees arriving for the SKINGRAFT show at Lincoln Center
and we were right.  Love SKINGRAFT.  To see more of their line click the link below.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Paris and Nicky Hilton....NY Fashion Week Feb. 2014....TriBeCa....Manhattan NYC

Entering DVF Show

FW 2014-2 -19  Paris and Nicky Hilton black top black and white print skirt nicky purse flower print wrap dress ol 2

Paris and Nicky Hilton looking lush as usual heading into the DVF 40th Anniversary Show.
Is that "Nicky" purse just shameless self promotion, or is it a flash card for her sidekick
Don't worry Nicky darling we all know who you are.  


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Terrific Tartan....MB New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014....Lincoln Center....Manhattan NYC

Definitely Dope

FW 2014-2 -10 Blond male model black leather jacket tartan wrap skirt black scarf black flat platform ankle boots ol

Just love this biker meets Braveheart eclectic look.  Not sure if this tartan wrap was actually designed as worn
or just a throw pressed into service and creatively styled to combat the cold. What ever the case, it doesn't
really matter because this look is defiantly dope.  Love your style.

Night On The Plaza....MB New York Fashion

In The Moment

FW 2014-2 -16 w long light blue coat over all black dress fur hat ol

The large fur hat was definitely a go to accessory during this frigid fashion week.

Michelle Violy Harper....Arriving at DVF Show....Tribeca....Manhattan NYC

On Varick St

FW 2014-2 -11 Michelle Harper red white black oriental cape black high waist slacks ol

The always stunning Michelle Violy Harper.  Ms. Harper never fails to draw a crowd where ever she goes during fashion week

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Linda Tol....MB New York Fashion Week Feb 2014....Lincoln Center....Manhattan NYC

On The Plaza

FW 2014-2 -13 linda tol v2 ol

Fashion blogger Linda Tol heading toward the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week stages at Lincoln Center
To see more of Linda click the link below

What Lies Beneath....MB New York Fashion Week Feb 2014....Lincoln Center....Manhattan NYC

In The Moment

FW 2014-2 -12 black feathery fur silver black brocade jacket skinny black leggings ol

During February Fashion Week most often we just get a glimpse of the looks
under the coats.  Here the silver black brocade jacket just peaking from
under the fab feathery fur

Friday, February 14, 2014

On Varick St....NY Fashion Week Feb. 2014....Tribeca....Manhattan NYC

Entering DVF Show

FW 2014-2 12 w black fur vest over black and white pattern mini dress ol lf

Braving the cold to to show off those lush long legs.
The black and white pattern mini dress under the long back fur vest is the perfect choice. 
If the limo is waiting around the corner.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Furocious…Arriving at DVF Show…NY Fashion Week Feb. 2014…Tribeca…Manhattan NYC

On Varick St.

FW 2014-2- 03 grey feathery fur black leather dress over knee boots with fringe sunglasses ol

I know it’s spelled ferocious but the FUR works for this shot
She’s looking lush, confident and totally in control in this FAB fur over leather dress with above the knee boots.
I’m thinking of the great Fay Dunaway line in that scene from Mommy Dearest.
“Don’t Fuck With Me Boy’s…”

Monday, February 10, 2014

Joanna Hillman….DVF Show…NY Fashion Week Feb. 2014….Tribeca….Manhattan NYC

Pretty In Pink

FW 2014-2 -04 Joanna Hillman in pink coat 2 ol

Joanna Hillman definitely looking pretty in this long lean pink contemporary coat.




Anna Wintour....DVF Show...New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014...Tribeca...Manhattan

With Bee Shaffer

FW 2014-2- 02 Anna Wintour Bee Shaffer ol

Anna Wintour with daughter Bee Shaffer
Arriving at the Hot ticket show during this Fashion Week.  Diane Von Furstenberg's 40th Anniversary of the wrap dress.
See more about this iconic dress click the link below  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Candice Cuoco....At The Marquee....Fashion Week 2-2014....Chelsea....Manhattan NYC

With Kerstyn Inouye

Candice and Kerstyn Marquee s ol

Candice Cuoco is THE new hot designer in from San Francisco via Paris and London for
her first New York Fashion Week appearance.  You are going to see a lot more from her SOON!
Hot, Sexy, Leather
Had the pleasure of being invited to be part of her crew for the first show.
We partied after at the Marquee with Sunny and the rest of the London Calling crew.
These two women are absolutely Lush and totally FAB.

More looks from her show later.  You can see more right now.  Click the link below.

Viscountess Weymouth...New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014...Lincoln Center...Manhattan NYC

With Consuelo Vanderbilt

lady weymouth and consuelo vanderbuilt red dress ol

A real "Lady" in red the lovely, lush Viscountess Weymouth and friend Consuelo Vanderbilt
leaving the Macy's Go RED show at Fashion Week Lincoln Center.
The show is a benefit for The American Heart Association.
Two great ladies for a great cause.

Friday, February 7, 2014