Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On 8th Street near Cooper Square The Village……Manhattan NYC

Heading towards the East Village

w retro coat cowboy boots 

Simply classic coat.  The cowboy boots give it some east village funky but chic, although
we think we would have preferred a slightly worn English rather than Western boot for this.
Good color on the head band.


On the Streets in SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Dodging traffic

w retro coat fur collar magenta tights

Nice retro look coat and the tights really jazz it up.  Dark purple bag is a nice touch 

On Broadway NOHO ……Manhattan NYC


Taking a call.  What else?

w metalic bag  cream and blue shoes 

The metallic bag adds a little contemporary edge to the classic look.  Great shoes

Monday, December 28, 2009

Keeping Warm on Madison Ave Upper East Side……Manhattan NYC

Stylishly staying warm

w black boots leggings etc red hat 

Perfect with the leggings and boots plus the Moncler coat. 

On Broadway in NOHO……Manhattan NYC

She looks like she’s serious about her shopping

w white coat fur over knee black suede boots

With the pleated plaid skirt under the fur trimmed jacket then adding the pattern hose and the over the knee boots make for a cute and sexy look

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ways to Stay Warm in SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Three different ideas

w gold skirt yellow boots fur vest 

The boots really make it fun

w grey print poncho 

Really go for the collar on this poncho and of course the over the knee boots

 w purple coat fur hood

Love the fur lined hood and the collar.  Although the scarf keeps the collar from looking as good as it should

In Cooper Square The Village……Manhattan NYC

More Rain Yesterday

w rain striped bag

Struggling with the umbrella, but shopping rain or shine

On 2nd Ave near St Marks Pl East Village……Manhattan NYC

Very East Village or should I say what used to be EV before NYU and Wall St

m leopard jacket

Just love the leopard suit coat and the retro shades

w retro fur 1

A different kind of retro fur.  Like the bag

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from The Urban Vogue……New York City

Thanks to all our visitors

tree 09 small


Valentino 2 

Valentino 1



Peace and Prosperity

Santa passing the Plaza Hotel Midtown……Manhattan NYC

Very merry Christmas Eve

santa car 1

santa car 3

santa car 4

Santa of course in the timeless, classic attire of the Season.  Never goes out of style

To just here sound from video, click on the play/pause button on the MixPod player to the upper right of the page

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows on 5th Ave Midtown……Manhattan NYC

Absolutely incredible.  Spend some time with these to get all the detail and imagine your walking past BG on Christmas Eve hearing the sounds of The City


bergdorf goodman windows 1

bergdorf goodman windows 2

This one can be a bit confusing at first.  The scene is looking down from above a royal card game.

bergdorf goodman windows 3

bergdorf goodman windows 4

bergdorf goodman windows 5

The Smaller Windows

bergdorf goodman windows 7

bergdorf goodman windows 6 

Hope you enjoyed.  Happy Holidays
Make sure you check back tomorrow for our Christmas Page

Some last minute window shopping. Chopard on Madison Upper East Side……Manhattan NYC

A little something for the stocking perhaps



set 2

set 1

Don’t worry she’ll love it

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On Prince from Lafayette to Broadway SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Downtown funky but chic

w  fur coat and hat on phone

So much fur she could barely see.

m brown duster

If the oiled duster didn’t look so used and abused I wouldn’t like this half as much

On Astor Place The Village……Manhattan NYC

Definitely still dressing warm

w 2 green coat black coat orange scarf

Two very different looks.  One very eclectic and the other rather conservative although the scarf pops it up a little.

m hb coat blue cap

Nice herringbone military look.

On St Marks between 1st and 2nd East Village……Manhattan NYC

Opposites attract

cpl grey db coat great hat

She looks super.  That great hat, the coat and that bag.  To bad, but he could use some work.
Looks like she’s walking with her plumber.  Well if he is at least he’s a self feeder.

On West Broadway SOHO……Manhattan NYC

Lets take a little break from winter.  Back when it was a little warmer

w  purple plaid shirt tights and boots

Very nice.  Simple and subtly sexy


Monday, December 21, 2009

First SLAVE TO FASHION award winner on St Marks East Village……Manhattan NYC

Our first winner of The Urban Vogues  SLAVE TO FASHION  award

w short fur and ankle boots

BRAVA!!!!!!    Every one else was pulling on their Wellies and grabbing what every from the closet to go out and trudge through the 10 inches of new snow on the slippery sidewalks and corners which were of course 6 inches deep in muddy slush water, but that didn’t phase our heroine.  She pulled on her platform spike heeled ankle boots over her black tights, shimmied into her short skirt, tossed on the faux fur jacket, plugged in her iPod and bravely set out to do battle with the slushy city.
Congratulations love, you are The Urban Vogues first, SLAVE TO FASHION.

On St Marks between 3rd and 1st East Village……Manhattan NYC

Up and out to work or what ever

m red  and fur

Interesting winter wear

w black coat

Pretty much standard EV but I like the vertical zip breast pocket

w red coat blk boots earmuffs

Just love all the red coats this year

cpl black coat white hat

More standard EV casual winter.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

At 9th and Broadway The Village……Manhattan NYC

Again before the snow.  And your little dog too.

w cc and dog

She has some great accessories working here.  Of course the Chanel Bag and the dog