Monday, December 21, 2009

First SLAVE TO FASHION award winner on St Marks East Village……Manhattan NYC

Our first winner of The Urban Vogues  SLAVE TO FASHION  award

w short fur and ankle boots

BRAVA!!!!!!    Every one else was pulling on their Wellies and grabbing what every from the closet to go out and trudge through the 10 inches of new snow on the slippery sidewalks and corners which were of course 6 inches deep in muddy slush water, but that didn’t phase our heroine.  She pulled on her platform spike heeled ankle boots over her black tights, shimmied into her short skirt, tossed on the faux fur jacket, plugged in her iPod and bravely set out to do battle with the slushy city.
Congratulations love, you are The Urban Vogues first, SLAVE TO FASHION.

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Anonymous said...

OMG... she is really a serious fashionista to head out in those conditions with those shoes