Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Norma Kamali store in Midtown…..Manhattan NYC

The Democratization of Fashion

To take a break from the cold we stopped in at the Norma Kamali store at 11 W 56th.  The lime green flags drew our attention but when we took a look in the window we had to go in.  Absolutely amazing, versatile cloths. Get in there and get some. 


1 b-w blur 2nd flr group


2 b-w blur 1st flr 3 dresses 2

3 b-w blur 1 dress 1 leggings

4 2nd floor grey line

5 quilt coats

6 long white dress

7  2nd floor black dress group

8 front 2

9 front 1


valncami said...

These are amazing! Back in the day I would go there every year to get a swimsuit. I love Norma.

Blade said...

Thanks. So glad you like them. The first 2 are really more the way I like to work