Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maryna Linchuk behind the tents Fashion Week Feb 2010 Bryant Park……Manhattan NYC

Relaxing before the show

Maryna Linchuk at rail 3c1

Maryna Linchuk  at rail 2
Maryna Linchuk at rail 1
Maryna Linchuk talking 1
Maryna Linchuk talking 2
Maryna Linchuk talking 3 

We’ve included all the shots from this series because is really shows the special something that these young women
have who get to this level.  Maryna was just relaxing outside chatting with some friends before the show and you know
you are looking at a very attractive woman but, there are a plethora of them in The City.  When asked to give us a look
she finished her conversation, turned, walked a few steps away from her friends.  Raised her shoulder.  Dropped her chin.
Looked up with her eyes and NAILED IT.  All in about 3 seconds.  Thank you. Have a nice day. Done
That’s the difference.  That is the IT factor.  That is a professional.

The photos are in reverse order because we wanted to start with the best first.  Scroll back up through the pics to see
them in the proper sequence

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