Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall foliage on Spring St SOHO …… Manhattan NYC

Still blooming

w red coat flowered pants

It may be a beautiful fall day but these pants are still in bloom. These great pant paired with
the beautiful red jacket were just perfect for the day


Cupcake said...

So colourful!! That is a brave girl.

hilary b said...

Hey! It's Hilary from take some extraordinary streetstyle snaps. I could seriously make each of the folks you find Look of the Day for a whole month!

She's definitely a daring the florals, what a great 90's vibe.

Cupcake said...

Hey blade! I want to post ur 'art' pics u have any more i could use?

Blade said...


LOTD for a month would be great. Especially because I really really love the way you write about the pics. Really hyped thay you and the rest of the people really like the work.

Love ya Doll


Blade said...

Thanks for the props and promoteing the work.

Pmail me or I'll get to you in a bit.

Who loves ya


October 26, 2010 8:21 PM