Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Indie Rockers Emily Haines and Philip Kressin. On Lafayette Just Above Spring St ... SOHO ... Manhattan NYC

More Than First Impressions. 

c w long black coat with huge asymetrical collar shiny pale pink skiny pants black knit fingerless gloves m black trench plaid scarf Raybans 2 h ol

At first this looks like just typical BOHO.  But then you notice the impossibly huge
asymmetric collar on her coat and the FAB semi gloss pale pink pants and it's at a whole new level. 

Thanks to a follower for letting us know this is Emily Haines and Philip Kressin



Anonymous said...

Oh look! It's Emily Haines and Philip Kressin. Rock stars!

Blade said...

Ah you are so right. Thank's for letting us know. Have changed the post title accordingly.