Friday, May 10, 2013

Victoria Beckham......At Bergdorf Goodman......Midtown North......Manhattan NYC

Posh Shopping Stop

victoria beckham brown shirt with black collar and cuffs blue high waist long slit skirt ol 

Just happened to be in the right spot at the right time outside Bergdorf's when 2 bike riding
paparazzi slammed to a halt at the front door of BG after practically running down a crossing guard
and most of the people in the cross walk.  At the same time a black Denali parked at the curb so
it appeared their was a photo op about to happen.  A few seconds later out came the body guard
followed shortly by Victoria Beckham who continued to fuss with her hair the entire way into the building
Really wish she would go back to that anime asymmetric long Pob that was her signature. 
The long hair does nothing for us.
Also you should get over to BG and check out their windows. They are a tribute to
The Mets Costume Institute Punk Fashion exhibit.  Great stuff. 

Have a few more pics from this chance meeting.  Will post later today as time allows.
Will also post some pics of the BG windows next week.

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