Friday, September 5, 2014

They’re Back…NY Fashion Week Sept 2014…Lincoln Center…Manhattan NYC

And We’re Back

MB front

FW9-14  2 w3 black print color poncho over white short flower print dress black heels gold heeled sandals

FW9-14  3 w3 black dresses black leather mini white top black heeled sandals

FW9-14  4 w3 long white shirt pink print top over white mini black top three quarter white pants

FW9-14 1 w2  short print see thru over black body suit large black belt long purple see thru over short black dress

Take the Louboutins out of the closet and get ready.  Another Fashion Week is upon us.
The “Clackers” have taken over Manhattan and the estrogen meter is off the charts.
Gird your loins and dive in.  No sleep till Brooklyn after Marc Jacobs next Thursday.

On our end we did manage to get moved on time (Lenox Hill is VERY different) but everything is in boxes and editing from
a old non-cc’d laptop so bare with us.  Hope to have big box up and running tonight after more shooting.

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