Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gregg Asher

NY Fashion Week 2-2014

Gregg Asher Blue overcoat fur cowl clutch small 2

Just love Greggs FAB, fun androgynous style.  Probably because most men’s cloths are just so F@#king boring.

Lincoln Center, Upper West Side, Manhattan.  New York, NY


Syrie said...

Sorry, but I do not like this outfit at all. It's not that it's androgynous. It looks like he's playing dress-up with his mother's coat and fur stole. I mean, please. Stop stretching and be stylish. I love this blog, BTW and look at it most days.

Blade said...

Syrie, Thanks for the comment and so glad you like the blog and visit often. Please comment more. I think constructive criticism is much more important that people just saying Awesome all the time. Everyone has there own likes/dislikes and that is why we have a world full of different choices.