Monday, November 8, 2010

At Lincoln Center during MB Fashion Week Sept 2010 …… Manhattan NYC

It’s not always just black and white in NY

c striped jacket star pants yellow dress 

w 2  mag sock white see thru leggings red pattern scart black dress  gold  tiger print 

Really adding some color to the surroundings during fashion week.


Cupcake said...

Great colours! Everyone dress so dark (ok, me included) that colour makes a huge impact.
Thank you for letting me use your images! I frequently scroll through your blog from the start and look at the beautiful pics.

Blade said...

So glad you like the work. Thanks for posting some and linking back to me.

valncami said...

really awesome photos. love all the crazy outfits! thank you for your very sweet comment!! :] youre welcome! we love your blog too :D

xo, camilla & valerie