Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crossing Madison on 61st Street Upper East Side …… Manhattan NYC

Coming and Going

w grey feather mini dress od green jacket black platform boots front

w grey feather mini dress od green jacket black platform boots back 2

Unfortunately, due to the chill, as she approached she just pulled her coat closed over that fantastic feathery dress.
The Olive Drab coat looked a little interesting but nothing to special.  Was I wrong.  I’m so glad I turned
to take a second look.  The back of the coat was marvelous, with all it’s different planes and layers.
This FAB look really reminds me of something you might see La Roitfeld in.
Haute, Avante and Tres Chic
Almost forgot.  The boots, Marvelous

PS  In the background of the first photo you will see a little man in a dark stocking cap and blue coat.
He is walking left and carrying a camera.  That is Bill Cunningham.  He’s the one, that to me, started this whole street fashion photo genre
with his On The Street photos published weekly in the New York Times.  And he is still the best.


Cupcake said...

It's a Mad Max look! Very futuristic.

valncami said...

love this girls style. what an amazing coat.

xo, camilla & valerie

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that coat....?

Blade said...

We're not sure where she got it or who the designer is. Her name is Michelle and we saw her in it again during this last fashion week. If we see her again we will definitely find out who made this FAB coat.