Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashions Night Out MB Fashion Week SOHO …… Manhattan NYC

Absolute Fashion Mob Scene

1 w 2 black leather pants and boots shorts high heel strap sandals grey tee fanelli 

2 w strapless one piece black

3 c black fish net vest platform heels black and white platform shoes 

4 w blue jeans plaid tied up shirt balloon

5 w balloon girl graphic tee

6 c soho casual

7 w white three qter sleeve coat capri pants

8 w high strap sandals short black skirt b-w striped shirt

9 w off the shoulder black mini dress white scaft

10 m  straight pegged grey jeans 

11 w 2 long grey coat leather leather jacket black leggings

12 w 2 black leggings and heels pattern stockings and black with  blue jean jacket 
Again just a tease.  More to come

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