Friday, September 10, 2010

Richie Rich pre show MB Fashion Week Sept 2010 Lincoln Center …… Manhattan NYC

Just before the show

Runway entrance 

w red dress big blond hair

w black dress brown shoes feather hat

w black heels white legging b and w top blond hair piece

w blond black pvc mini dress

w blond black pvc mini dress back

m military coat

We want to thank Richie Rich for shooting us the invite.  Just ecstatic that they like the blog
Here’s just a few teasers from the pre show air kiss photo op session.  More later. 
Have to get to Fashions Night Out

We added a few more pics still more to come


valncami said...

YAY! is that Lady Bunny? Looks fun:)

Blade said...

Could be. I didn't ask I thought it was her. If it is she lost alot of weight.