Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashions Night Out MB Fashion Week SOHO …… Manhattan NYC

More pics from Fashions Night Out Sept 2010

1 w black and white stripe jacket studded shoes

2 w black leggings two belts cropped top

3 w 2 white dress black leather and hat black dress grey leather blue platform desert boots

4 w black zip pocket short jacket moto type boots

5 w retro black print stockings hair bow glasses

6 w black mini dress white strip detail

7 w blackskirt red leather jacket

9 w color block dress Christian Louboutin heels

10 w brown flap ankle boots black fringe purse black tux jacket

11 w black top cut offs black stockings brown jodhpur boots 

12 c he shorts see thru black shirt black jacket  stud boots  her white dress

13 w black pants and sweater white top black heels

The first Fashions Night Out was incredible. Casual, easy, a great mixture of fashionistas, artist and hipsters.  
SOHO like I hadn’t see it in years.  This year was a mob scene.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for 
great things to get totally over run in Manhattan.  Was still able to run the gauntlet thru the crowd of “want to be’s”
and find some really great looks. 

We’ll have one final post from Fashions Night in a bit.

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